Cost Savings

There are no start up fees and our substitutes are offered at competitive rates.


We fill anticipated requests as well as short-notice requests with ease.

Guaranteed Quality

Substitutes receive a series of comprehensive training before allowed in a childcare or school setting.

“We used Zenith to help us by having extra staff on hand for the first few weeks of school. As a charter, our student numbers change a lot in the first few weeks. Zenith helps us be assured we had adequate coverage before deciding to hire someone new.”

K. Smith, Academic Officer, A+Up

“Zenith Learning’s Staffing Director is very easy to get in touch with. She is always helpful in meeting our needs and I feel very comfortable knowing the Zenith Staff does their very best to make sure all of our needs are met! ”

Principal, Humble Head Start

“Zenith Learning has been a great resource for our center!  The substitutes they provide are very hands-on and enthusiastic in all of the activities they do with the children.”

Principal, Tidwell Headstart


Email us at or call our main office
at (713) 988-9600 and ask to speak to our Substitute Coordinator.


Join Our Team And Make The Impact You Seek To Make.