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Cost Savings

There are no start up fees and our substitutes are offered at competitive rates.


We fill anticipated requests as well as short-notice requests with ease.

Guaranteed Quality

Substitutes receive a series of comprehensive training before allowed in a childcare or school setting.

“We have nothing but great things to say about Zenith Learning. The service they provide to our center is top-notch and they always go above and beyond to ensure our substitute needs are met.”

Principal, Compton Childcare Center

“Zenith Learning’s Staffing Director is very easy to get in touch with. She is always helpful in meeting our needs and I feel very comfortable knowing the Zenith Staff does their very best to make sure all of our needs are met! ”

Principal, Humble Head Start

“Zenith Learning has been a great resource for our center!  The substitutes they provide are very hands-on and enthusiastic in all of the activities they do with the children.”

Principal, Tidwell Headstart


Contact our Chief Executive Officer

Kristina Perez, M.Ed.

(713) 988-9600 Ext. 1004

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Our Zenith Learning Educational Staffing Team is Dedicated to Meeting Your Needs.