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✺  Guidepost Montessori at Stonebriar
         (10247 Warren Pkwy, Frisco, TX 75035)

✺  Harmony School of Excellence
         (7340 N Gessner Dr, Houston, TX 77040)

✺  Garden Oaks Montessori Magnet
         (901 Sue Barnett Dr, Houston, TX 77018)

✺  Harmony Science Academy – Cedar Park
         (12200 Anderson Mill Rd, Austin, TX 78726)

More locations to be announced.


We are excited about our summer camp design! Each week is organized by a theme and parents only register their children for the weeks necessary. Our program is designed for incoming kindergarten through 8th grade*.

Children would benefit most from the activities by wearing tennis shoes and dressing in comfortable clothes. The art activities can be messy fun at times. All snacks and supplies are provided. We are unable to accommodate for special diets, but snacks will be peanut free. Children must bring a lunch daily that does not require heating or refrigeration.

Each day is packed with a rotation of exciting art activities, social games, gym activities, team building and more. Special dress up days are every Friday and match the theme. All activities are completed in house unless advance notice is provided. For any specific questions, please email We look forward to an amazing summer!

*Garden Oaks Montessori accepts Pre-k through 8th Grade.



Themes vary by location and by the number of weeks based on school calendars. Not every location will be able to offer every theme.

Galaxy Challange
Are you ready to solve the mysteries of the galaxy? From superheroes to science, this week will be packed with fun. Students will explore concepts of the universe and work together to solve problems as a team. Identify your favorite superhero and incorporate their skills into saving the galaxy!

Science Explosion
Egg experiments, tie-dye, exploding candy and more! Teams will work together to complete a fun-filled week of activities. Science and art mixed together make one exciting time!

Wreck It Up
How do video games, crafting, and leadership all go together? Come join the Wreck It Up week to find out! Play wrecking ball, “wreck” the art canvas, and sing the wrecking song while using your creativity to build new creations and friendships!

Camp It Out
Knot tying? Glamping or camping? this week will have it all. Learn some tricks for indoor blanket forts and more. S’more treats and campfire games will entertain the teams and build fun summer memories.

Zenith Go
How is Pokemon Go related to Zenith? Come find out while making new friends, solving the questions and having a blast! Enjoy a game of Pokemon Pong, design new characters, play poke ball and more!

Party Everyday
Party it up while we find a reason to celebrate each day! Birthday party games, field day adventures, splash party and more!

Great Adventure
What’s your great adventure? Writing a book? Climbing a mountain? Creating a new game? Let’s go through some adventures together and create scrapbooks of fun!

Polka Dots and Gum Drops
Dot art, gummy slime, mismatched day, and more. Candy-land comes alive while we explore and build an adventure together!

Treasure Hunters
What does upcycling, QR code puzzles, poetry and pirates all have in common? Treasures! Build summer memories through a variety of fun activities while searching for the gold!

Camps Got Talent
Talent comes in all shapes and skills. Artistry? Science? Computers? Singing? Dancing and more! Come show off your skills as you build friendships and confidence!

Time Travelers
Explore various decades of past and future! Create new inventions, visit historical moments and learn about fashion trends all in the same week! From western days, to dinosaurs to futuristic designs, we’ll have it all!

Camp Hollywood
What’s your favorite type of movie? Explore set designs, staging, acting skills and more. Work as a team to put on a mini-production! Get ready to laugh and be entertained as we explore some star-filled entertainment!