Notice: All new registrations will be required to pay the registration fee and the first month’s tuition (prorated if applicable). Accounts will automatically be charged upon completion of registration and submission online.

Due to our program being redesigned and exempt from child care licensing, we can no longer offer NCI and CCMS. Some sites offer reduced or free lunch discounts and sibling and military discounts with proper documentation.

You can register for After School or Enrichment online by setting up an online account

Online Registration of your child/ren for After School Care (ASC):

1-Click on the “Check Tuition Rates”  button to check tuition rates

2-From the drop down menus, select the City your school is in then select your school to view Tuition Rates

3– Now Click on Register Now and fill the online registration form. On there you will Create your Parent Portal Account, pick your classes, choose your membership type, accept our Policies and Agreements and enter your billing informationAll the parents, new and returning, need to complete new registration forms. Your child will not be guaranteed a spot in the program until all documents are completed in full and enrollment and tuition fees are processed.

4-After submitting your registration, a summary of your registration form will be sent to your email address provided with instructions on how to access your Parent Portal. The Area Supervisor in charge of your school will also be notified of your registration and will receive a copy of your registration form.

5– 5– Payment: Your registration will be pending until we receive and process your payment. You can pay online by credit/debit card.

We offer two payment options to our families for the After School Program to pay tuition for the 2019-2020 school year:

Option One:  A monthly Auto-Payment by e-check or credit card. 
Option Two: Payments by paper check or money order. This choice requires an initial deposit of one-month tuition, plus the registration fee.


Parents should provide a correct e-mail address for future communication. We will notify you once online payment option is available. You will receive your bills and an online payment link through the e-mail address provided in the application form.


Supportive, and structured environment. Competent and caring professional staff.



10% Sibling Discount for the second child
10% Military, Veteran Discount
School employees will have special discount according to an agreement with the schools.


Tuition is due on the 1st of each month, regardless of when the 1st falls on the calendar. A late fee will be charged for accounts that hold a balance on
the 6th of each month.
$1/minute per child will be charged in the event a parent or guardian is late picking up a child, regardless of the reason (e.g. weather, traffic,
emergency, etc.). Charges begin after a four-minute grace period according to the school clock (for example, if the program closes at 6 p.m., charges begin at
6:05 p.m.). Late pick-up fees are added to the account and must be cleared by the next time tuition is due or late fees are applicable for the account holding a
A $30 fee is charged for all non-sufficient funds/returned checks/credit card chargebacks. In the event of multiple returned
items, a parent may be required to pay by money order or their child may be dropped from services for non-payment.
Withdraw/Drop Services Policy:
In order to stop services from Zenith Learning, a parent must send an email to and provide a 10
business day notice. From the date of the email, tuition will be prorated for that month including the 10 business day notice. If the tuition already paid is greater
than the notice of withdrawing and the prorated tuition, it will be refunded. If the parent initially paid a deposit, the deposit will be refunded, minus any fees
owed. If a parent chooses to re-enroll in Zenith Learning after a drop, the registration fee is required again. If a parent withdraws from services and the account
has a balance, information will be sent to a collection agency and re-enrollment is not possible until the account balance is cleared.