For over 14 years Zenith Learning has partnered with individual schools and districts to provide quality programs on their campuses. Whether you are in need of before school, after school, day-camps, summer camps, enrichment programs, parent’s night out events, we are your solution.

Zenith has the ability to begin a program with short notice, based upon the desired aspects or tailor a specific program to meet your campus needs.

We are able to service traditional public/private/charter schools as well as schools for students with learning differences.

Contact us today to set up a consultation or a school visit. We would love to take a tour and plan a program for you!


If your campus is in need of a before, after or combination program, Club Zenith will design a program to meet your needs. Club Zenith has the ability to open a tailored program or a turn-key program with a short lead-up time.


Club Zenith can weave in enrichment programs into the basic program or add an array of classes for parents to choose. The sky’s the limit for additional topics, from martial arts, to sports, to health and fitness, to dance, to the arts.


Academic time is included in the program on a daily basis for homework completion and/or academic games. Our goal is to enhance what the children are learning from the school day.


Club Zenith staff members weave in fun throughout the program with many “Zenith Way” strategies that are unique in combination to our program.


Club Zenith will function optimally with little to no involvement from the campus, or allow a full partnership based upon the desire of the administration. Rest assured, one of our best compliments is that principals feel at ease with our program in the building. The staff members are trained to manage many types of situations and continue programming seamlessly.

Additional Questions? Call us today or email to find out more. We would love to schedule a campus visit and discuss your interests.