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Dovletmammet AtamammedovProgram Director
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Daily Schedule of 2017 Summer Camp
Week ThreeJune 12 - June 16, 2017
Monday (Math)Tuesday (Technology)Wednesday (Engineering)Thursday (Science)Friday (Arts)
8:30 AM
Physical FitnessPhysical FitnessPhysical FitnessPhysical FitnessOrientation
9:40 AM
Building CommunityRoboticsChain Reaction / Clothes Pin AirplaneGardening / FT to the MoonField trip
10:45 AM
Math ChallengeCode/Readers TheaterComputer/Readers TheaterComputer/Readers TheaterV
12:25 PM
12:45 PM
Computer LiteracyScratch/Readers TheaterComputer/Readers TheaterComputer/Readers TheaterV
1:45 PM
Math ProjectsGathering & Sharing DataChain Reaction / Clothes Pin AirplaneHands On ScienceV
3:05 PM
4:05 PM
Student ChoiceStudent ChoiceStudent ChoiceStudent ChoiceStudent Choice
A brief list of exciting activities that kids will be engaged in
Water Bottle carBiscuit sticksFace collageGiant BubbleAdd to ten - card gamesDIY paper vase
Marble runCaramel pop-cornOrigamiLung measurementRummikub - 3rd and upDIY water can
Plastic cup gamesGarlic ToastMosaicsCentripetal forceThree of a KindPlant: Basil
Soccer TableCinnamon Tortillas4th July decorationStatic ElectricityCount by 3 - inside/outside a circlePlant: Sunflower/forget-me-not
Marble mazeMac&Chesse cupcake3D paintingHomemade - Recycle paperOne more, one less card game
Bounce off gameCrazy CrackersClothes pin airplaneIllusionMath hopscoth
Chain reactions -Popsicle sticksCupcakes omeletteCorn Starch marblingCabbage indicadorPing,Boop,Zatt, Eeek
KitesCaramelized bananasQuilling and Able(rightAfterSchool)Making CrystalMemory Game - subitizing
Stress ball - baloonsIcecream cupcakesPinata
ShoeBox ParadeSnickerdoodleswindmill